Departure is a full-service independent design and advertising agency based in San Diego, responsible for building brands that take off.


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A brand is more than just a clever logo. It’s a unique experience that gives insight to your audience on what your company is all about. It starts with visual identity and also includes a web presence, imagery, marketing communications and a stout social media platform. There are no limits to the involvement a consumer will have with a brand, and Departure's here to give those limits a push.

DESIGN SERVICES  Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Naming, Writing, Brand Bibles, Brand Books, Brand Guidelines, Brand Voice, Editorial, Illustration, Visual Effects, Typography, Color Palette, Brand Consultation

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What good does a zippy-looking website do if the experience gets you buried in a contact form when all you want to do is quickly read a blog? On the flip side, the user experience is almost obselete when the site aesthetic and design looks like the Space Jam site. Luckily, Departure makes sure both the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface, ie. how it looks) are in tip top shape. 

DIGITAL SERVICES  Content Strategy & Production, Information Architecture, Site Mapping, User Flow Mapping, Prototyping & Wireframing, UI Design, Responsive Design, UI Kits, Pattern Libraries, eBlasts, Banner Ads, Social Media Campaigns

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The experience within Departure began at ad shops, producing everything from internal email campaigns letting employees know about the Memorial Day BBQ, to nationwide tv spots with famous people. However, whatever the medium may be, all have one common goal: To create the most impactful message that makes the audience tick. Art and his team have a seasoned formula that does just that, and we're ready to start the clock.

ADVERTISING SERVICES  Integrated Campaigns, Prints Ads, Billboards, Radio Spots, Television Commercials, Social Media Campaigns, Guerilla Media, Messaging and Tone/Voice, Tagline Exploration, Copywriting, Internal Company Materials, Content Strategy, Marketing Materials

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Art Simmons


Art is an art director, creative director, and an irony-free lover of advertising and design. He also loves solving problems, filling coffers, and impregnating minds with a satisfying tingle only fresh, daredevilly thinking provides. 

When he's not milking the supple teat of commerce, he's deadlifting skirt steaks, riding bikes, and consuming coffee at a clip most qualified medical professionals would consider unnerving.

He lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife Christie and their daughter Hayden.


When it came time to throw together a last-minute outdoor ad campaign, Art and team flexed their muscles and lifted our expectations through the roof. 

- Christine Welch, Marketing Coordinator - Chuze Fitness