Here's where I'll really dig deep with information you'll most likely glaze over, if that. I'll mention all the neat things I claim to be able to do but most likely outsource, add visual fillers of blurry, low-saturated studio shots, throw in a quick, pun-riddled blurb about myself and end with what's called a "Call-to-action," which is essentially me begging you to send a check.




Unlike the other two, this one's pretty self-explanatory. Requests for Superbowl spots only, please.

» Integrated Campaigns

» Prints Ads

» Billboards

» Radio Spots

» Television Commercials

» Social Media Campaigns

» Guerilla Media 

» Messaging and Tone/Voice

» Tagline Exploration

» Copywriting

» Content Strategy



Taking shitty client designs from Microsoft Word and making them look halfway decent.

» Brand Identity

» Graphic Design

» Naming

» Brand Books

» Brand Guidelines

» Brand Voice

» Brochures

» Direct Mail

» Writing

» Brand Strategy

» Brand Voice




It's like the first two categories hooked up, had a kid, and that kid now lives happily on the Internet. 

» Responsive Design

» Info Architecture


» Site Maps

» Wireframes

» Social Media Campaigns

» Icons & Infographics

» eBlasts

» Banner Ads

» Prototyping

» Content Strategy



I'm Art Simmons, and from day one I was destined to be involved in the artistic world. I've done all kinds of neat work for a slew of clients across the world, and I'm a firm believer that great creative starts with a great idea. I'm lucky to have a great family, a psycho cat and slice that sometimes ends up on the fairway.